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tv   Headline News  RT  May 14, 2013 12:00am-12:29am EDT

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international efforts to find common ground on the syrian crisis the israeli prime minister fly into russia to meet president putin. the u.s. justice department admits to spying on the associated press. paying the news organization. unprecedented intrusion. and a soyuz capsule brings the. crew home safe and sound with some of the out of the trip performed by the. international space station.
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a very good morning to you from all of us here. live in the russian capital it's now i just after eight am on tuesday. israel's prime minister is due in russia for talks with president putin and the latest in a string of international meetings focused on the syrian crisis that comes in the wake of israel's to the syrian capital earlier this month. joins us live from russia's black sea resort of sochi where the two leaders due to meet you good morning to you or any expectations of this forthcoming meeting. the two biggest problems between russia and syria russian israel right now related with syria. three hundred air defense systems. which is doing under arms deal signed a long time ago and of the two recent airstrikes off the syrian allegedly conducted by israel. which it still hasn't confirmed but it's never really officially
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rejected either but if the last three hundred systems can be used strictly for defense purposes and their shipments don't violate any international agreements then an air strike. by a state over another states a sovereign territory definitely does but. these stumbling blocks and this is what we're witnessing right now and this is what benjamin netanyahu visit clearly illustrates is that these stumbling blocks are currently being set aside sort of for a greater cause which is finding a way to establish peace in syria but now you go to netanyahu he's not he's not the first foreign leader to come to russia to talk about syria can you can you take us back a moment tell us about some of the previous ones. really prime minister is that feeling of the not the first official to come to russia to discuss syria recently first it was john kerry u.s. secretary of state who came to moscow and then british prime minister david cameron
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the fools who came here to sort she and then went on to the u.s. to speak with american officials now it's benjamin netanyahu we're also expecting. u.n. secretary general ban ki moon to come here to sochi also to discuss syria as well and all of this perhaps shows that we are witnessing a change of the approach by many countries since most western states since the beginning of the conflict were clearly standing on the side of the rebels while what we're seeing now are efforts to get both the syrian authorities and the opposition to finally sit down at the negotiation table and. discuss ways to establish peace in the country which russia has been calling for basically since the beginning of the conflict in syria all right so the israeli leader the russian leader to meet together to discuss syria in the russian resources you have sochi are going to thank you. well israel is one of the countries with the most to
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gain from a fast resolution to the syrian conflict it's already being affected by the spillover from the crisis though some believe it only has itself to blame as artie's middle east correspondent paula slip now explains. it's a new offer and stand here so that they have to think one or they have to think one hundred times a day what to do with. armed men that have been given the green light to fire into israel retaliated by damascus for tel aviv the tac last week israeli officials have still not gone on record admitting they carried out two air strikes in forty eight hours but most people here are certain they did and damascus is certain of it it didn't mince its words calling israel's actions a declaration of war the criticism echoes in israel as well arab citizens took to the streets to protest and while divided over their support of assad they were clear on one thing israel's actions are wrong jobber sol is
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a twenty four year old university student despite being some two hundred fifty kilometers from syria his heart is with its people. israel gives itself permission to attack other countries but does not accept any other country doing the same to with this strike cannot be legitimate and israel should be judged in international courts. but far from being judged israeli support the actions of the government would be very frank i don't think that if we would have to do. for you we would've. remember even. i think. it's a very small element on a very long. problematic relations between israel and syria but it might just catch up with the israelis assad says his borders are open for palestinians wishing to take military action against the jewish state
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a sure sign some say that tel aviv has shot itself in the foot. never had a. tactic no official israeli policy is to prevent. i wonder if this is love. i doubt it very much and some in israel fear the violence one stop at the border after they finish from getting. go ahead to haifa. as what was once israel's most peaceful border threatens to become its newest battlefront paula c.r.t. tel aviv. meanwhile a video purporting to show syrian rebels mutilating bodies has led human rights watch to condemn them for descending into sectarian violence and out of revenge
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killings the footage allegedly shows the founder of a rebel brigade cutting into the chest of a dead soldier and biting his hard i will mutilating the body the man has reportedly heard swearing to the hearts and lives of bashar assad's soldiered dogs more on this disturbing video and the reaction from human rights activists on to our web site. live from moscow this is r.t. the u.s. justice department has admitted to spying on associated press reporters a.p. condemned the sweeping foreign surveillance as an invasion of privacy and
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a threat to the freedom of the press he's gone nature can has more on the story and its implications. the u.s. justice department secretly obtained two months of telephone records targeting a.p. reporters and editors work and personal phone numbers if you believe more than one hundred of its journalists may have been caught up in this surveillance week the boss called it a massive and unprecedented intrusion into how news organizations operate the justice department acknowledged having spied on a.p. journalists but would not say why it sought the records they cited an ongoing investigation a peace process and said the government sought and of taine information far beyond anything that could be justified by any specific investigation now the guess is that the investigation had to do with a piece reporting on a cia operation in yemen last year and the government's possible hunt fleet the administration's unprecedented hunt food leaks has had an enormous chilling effect on of investigative journalism a number of journalists with major news organizations here told me that isn't it's
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never been as hard for them to do their job as it is now because sources that they had previously communicated with now either don't return their calls or say out front that they'd rather not talk they can go to jail the obama new situation has brought up more cases against whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined now as the news of emerged that the justice department has secretly cast this wife's avail is that journalists looking for we still don't know what the white house says it knows nothing about this and refers to the justice department and the justice department having acknowledged the phone taps came up with what some saw as as an orwellian response they said that they value the freedom of the press and that they're seeking to strike the right balance between the public interest in the free flow of information and the public interest in the fair and effective administration of our criminal laws that's according to their statement well it's not clear what quine dozens of a.p. journalists or their sources have committed to be caught up in this kind of
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a surveillance sweep but this is sending a chilling effect on the associated press to all. and it's that their records can be intercepted and sifted through like this and also made some wish us authorities had to use some of that surveillance a bigger to keep an eye on someone like tom of the boston bomber after all those red flags well or could it be that journalists are seen as more dangerous to national security these days. has gone nature to where the white house insists it was in the dock regarding the surveillance of the a.p. but analysts say the case fits into the general trend of current government policies since nine eleven particularly we've seen the rapid expansion of a police state in this country it is the infrastructure of the police state is already in place so the restricting of the flow of information by the government and its various mouthpieces this is part of this creeping police state and what i
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what i want to stress is that the effectiveness of the obama administration in persecuting whistleblowers shows not only the fact that obama himself is no different from any candidate that are president that came before him but also the fact that this is a comprehensive plan to shut out dissent in the united states and here it ought to be we also spoke to activist caleb maupin believes that spying on the a.p. reveals the u.s. government's hypocrisy when it comes to the freedom of the press it flies in the face of everything obama campaigned on about protecting protecting the press for texting whistleblowers this is this is very hypocritical all around the world all the sudden the us talk starts talking about freedom of the press whenever they're trying to bring down destabilize the government in venezuela they don't like hugo chavez because he's defending the people so all the sudden they're talking about freedom of the press in venezuela but yet in bahrain there is a government that's in there is loyal to the u.s. government that it takes orders from wall street and all the sudden they look the
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other way while suppression. still ahead for you on the program. once again putting the country's internal security question. take a look at. the order of the day in libya almost two years since the western backed revolution. the worldwide web. is.
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pushed to the limit. games nearly one hundred guantanamo detainees are screaming for justice. where is the.
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it's eight thirty in the morning here in moscow this is artsy a soyuz space capsule has successfully touched down on the step of bringing home the thirty fifth says expedition under the command of canadian chris hadfield while in orbit though the team leader released a series of videos showing how everyday life takes on a whole new dimension in space. thomas reports from mission control in moscow. well the crew of. zero seven am has returned to earth safely landing in kazakhstan at just after six thirty in the morning moscow time and this is an incredibly experienced crew with russian cosmonaut. this is his second flight chris hadfield
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from canada this is his third spaceflight and thomas marshburn the united states astronaut this is his second between them seven space flights with this incredibly experienced crew now it's always a great moment here at mission control. that capsule lands and they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they have accomplished a mission and done something pretty special now on this particular mission just a couple of days ago showing that nothing is ever routine when it comes to space travel thomas marshburn had to do an emergency spacewalk to help fix what was detected a coolant leak at the international space station that was a last minute decision that they decided to send him out just days before he was scheduled to depart the international space station chris hadfield from canada has actually in particular gotten a lot of media attention he is arguably the most savvy social media astronaut in the history of space travel having almost nine hundred thousand
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twitter followers now one of the things that he became known for is conducting in experiments in space connecting to regular people one of the experiments was showing people what it's like to cry in space what happens to tears with no gravity i mean they can't fall down so he simulated the conditions in space and produced a dramatic video one other thing he produced the video what happens when you bring out a wash towel in the space and shows what happens to the water and all sorts of interesting things with the surface tension and where does the water go if it doesn't actually fall to the ground chris hadfield is also in the process or has just completed recording of the first commercial album in space so these are some of the things that they've accomplished on this particular mission but as of now the crew so is zero seven am back on earth safely and everyone can know that a job was well done and mission accomplished. for example the.
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money. around the world.
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or the. hospitals killed. dozens. of calls. the editor of the. believes the western support for the revolution. it's been over two years now since the western backed war of aggression and regime change was launched against the gym idea they form a political system in the north african state of libya i believe that these are recent attacks that have taken place in benghazi in the eastern region of the country which is the cradle of the counter revolution against gadhafi is a manifestation of this disintegration now within the political and economic system inside the country in regard to the loss of u.s.
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and potential loss of british and other european personnel their political costs associated with such loss or potential losses and this is why they have downscaling their diplomatic staff in these countries we've seen the targeting of police stations and other security apparatus inside the country and the u.s. knows as well as the european countries are quite aware of the fact that if they do lose any more personnel inside of libya because our political ally destabilisation inside their own countries. our destructive friends to open up the world update this morning where. the winning the football league title was marked by clashes in the french capital fighting broke out after around fifteen thousand fans waited for over an hour for the players to turn up in the city center but when the team only appeared for a few minutes and failed to make a victory speech supporters frustration boiled over into violence as you can see
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right there the riot police have to step in dispersing rioters with tear gas. and pakistan's likely new prime minister says he wants good relations with the u.s. but american drone strikes in this country according to unofficial election results . this after a decade after being ousted by a military coup there have been mass protests over alleged vote rigging in. several different political parties are demanding a rerun of the election in pakistan's largest city. around three hundred textile factories near the bangladeshi capital dhaka reportedly been shut down because of protests sparked by the collapse of a factory building last month the owners decided to close down because of almost daily riots by the work is employees demanding salary increases as well as the death penalty for the owner of the run plaza factory which collapsed last month
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search and rescue operations at the site are drawing to a close with over a thousand bodies. now and many of the factories affected by the bigler desh collapse and resulting protests were making goods for foreign retailers still to come here on r.t. at seven thirty g.m.t. our financial gurus max keiser and stacy her will be comparing the value of cheap clothes and human lives as seen by american businessmen. the deadly factory collapse in bangladesh more than two weeks ago has led to calls for retailers to change the way they do business overseas but a new poll and interviews with shoppers at stores whose garments were manufactured at the ruined factory show that pressure for changes on likely to come from americans few of whom have heard much about the collapse most of whom care more about prices than safe labor conditions right well like the cigarette companies you know they put the pictures of people's cancer ridden longs on the packages to try
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to advertise to them what happens when they smoke cigarettes i think prime mark should have photos of people factory workers crushed at the factory dead their limbs akimbo with their arms and legs and head skulls crushed so big that's the price for the cheap clothes at prime market it's not just crime arc it's every single clothing and shoe manufacturer in the world pretty much uses these sort of factories in these sort of conditions and it's either they say it's the consumer or the say it's just the consumer that doesn't want to pay the extra five six seven cents that it would require to build safety measures into these factories but it's also the investor the investor wants its highest profit margin that's possible to extract as much equity it all goes back to the banks of the central banks in the central and they're all things that people like paul krugman supports of paul krugman by supporting the bank of england in the federal reserve banks ultra low interest rates is supporting wal-mart's ability to squeeze the economy to the point where factory workers have to die so that big fat obese american travel guides get
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a deal on a t. shirt. the u.k. government moving to a system which will eventually receive most benefits claimed via the internet so the bad news for many people in rural areas who want online. service is that one community in northern england which has been forced to plug itself. the rolling hills and dales of the daily english countryside eight but what lancashire in the north of england has in secluded d.c. it lacks in malls and in a city despite major provided bt reporting a beast in profits local communities like these haven't felt the benefits and a path to dig deep into their own pockets and land to try to get connected. we have on camera appreciate that he says. which is one of the highlights
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poised over in addition to that survey english area and say look at this for city a population that is just no economically viable for them to come out right away early to connect up the three or. four as they say are concerned the. homes in the countryside will have to carry on with the old copper was through the telephone because you know economically viable or no i cannot believe. we were only coffee and cake at the project called broadband to the rural north all bung the shoot might be in the early stages still but it could be set to make this quiet like cool setting of internet hotspots they have a fading into the ground the five world think cable that provides a input that connected all of this is taking is. planning and as you can see
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behind me a lot of hard work from the wall and to vote for the best part about it is that once it's all up and running this area is going to how much faster internet connection than the u.k. out roads branded do it yourselves they will might need to be rolled out elsewhere despite promises to bring super fast broadband to rural areas there are still more than five million people across the way without access to basic broadband in the long run. hopefully kate's completely revelation revolutionized the communities. in the meantime everyone is working very hard to get it going but we are crunching up with lack of money really to be able to buy the materials for people to put things in it's unlikely bt will be daunted by this local competition yet but the project is attracting high level attention. to government he's actually
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now seriously looking at can this be an example as i said for other areas and hopefully now they've actually seen a bill or not the from being on the ground regime to allow smaller groups like this to access the major problems that we're rolling out across the country back in the field and it's all hands on deck as volunteers look to get the community here connected. with going to hopefully future first. so that we won't need to come back and do it again and do it once things are properly right thank you very much for that phrase it was indeed and i actually just going to go around and talk to one of the other people volunteering to you've been involved in this quite heavily as well what else does it mean because obviously it's providing the internet connection but it's also a way of bringing the community together isn't it really is yes i want to me now as you can see here people who've never met future of the before find themselves working in so cold for you. are there for her
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a lancashire in the north of england. all right all right after the break here on say our brand new program prime entrust a cutting through corporate sponsored business news this is all to be live from. mission free accreditation free transport charges free. range month free risk free. to tide free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and a free media dog r.t. dot com. to least be told language.
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programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world's hot spots the v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing stories for you to. see been trying all t. arabic to find out more visit our big dog all teeth dog called. me is he.
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on. good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm harry and boring here in washington d.c. here's a story that we're tracking today. as we have actually running close as media confidant and two articles in the wall street journal over the weekend about major changes coming to the fed breaking news well bernie confidant janet yellen is in the lead to take over should ben step down next january the current vice chairwoman is not expected to.


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